Important Tips to Enhance the Life of The Vape Device

Almost every vaper would want that their vape device gives those lasting benefits than what they get by smoking cigarettes. Thanks to their “heat not burn” technology, dependable charging kits, and replaceable parts, vape equipment can last for several years easily.

Buying vape pens/tanks made from durable materials, and innovative technology will help you derive its benefits for many years. Let us learn how users can extend the life of their vape device.

Store It Correctly

Keep cartridges in a dry and cool place. It will prevent its oil from evaporation and damage that could happen if you store it under hot temperature. It is stored it in an upright position such that its mouthpiece faces in the downward direction. The best way to store it is in the case provided by the manufacturer.

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Use the Appropriate Equipment

If you want your vape device to last long then you should invest in the best quality and durable device.  Different oil cartridges and pens come with different designs, features, threads, power levels, and coils, to choose from. It is advised to match the cartridge with the right pen.

Identify Leakage in the vape device

Leaks can lead to the loss of oil from the cartridge. This will require you to refill it often. To save from unnecessary expense, it is important to identify the signs of leakage in the cartridge. Replacement of a leaky device is the best course of action to incurring expenses.

Regular Cleaning

To get the best performance from the vape device for several years, it is also important to keep it clean. It is necessary because the oil used in the device could deposit and cause damage to your pen.

In extreme cases, there is no way to repair it other than to replace it. To save from the expense, it is important to make it a habit to regularly clean it and ensure the best hygiene.

To clean the pen, all you need to do is to dip a fresh cotton swab in alcohol. Now wipe and clean the device with it. It will eliminate any residue, bacteria, and germs on the mouthpiece and the body of the device. For hygiene reasons, do not share your vape device with your friends.

Light It Up

If the THC or CBD oil that you use for vaping is very thick, then it could prevent you from gaining the best experience. All you can do is light up the cartridge for some seconds and meltdown the oil. Be careful, that you do not heat it a lot that it gets damaged. You can dip the cartridge under bearable hot water for some time to make it work.


Buying a vape device can prove to be a sensible and profitable investment when you maintain it well. Whatever type of vape device you use, you will need to handle it efficiently to keep it effective for many years. The above tips will help you preserve its operational quality for a long time.

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