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Who Stands to Benefit From Maine Ballot Question 1?

A major issue that has arisen in Maine question 1 polling is the matter of who will benefit from approval of this ballot question and initiative. The short answer is all of the residents of York County, where a new entertainment venue and hotel are slated to be built, as well as Mainers across the state. Whether you are a homeowner, veteran, senior citizen, teacher, parent, or student, you may benefit from the revenues generated by this new attraction. Read on to learn about the specific programs and populations who will receive a portion of the millions of dollars in tax revenues generated by a new casino.

Local Residents Seeking Employment

An economic impact study has found that the construction of a new casino in York County will amount in the creation of thousands of jobs, including more than two thousand permanent jobs and close to three thousand construction jobs. The jobs may generate millions of dollars in household earnings for the residents of this county, including more than $100 million in earnings from construction at $64.4 million in earnings from casino operation. An increase in tourism should also drive up traffic at local businesses and extend job growth and prosperity outward from the new casino location. Maine question 1 polling shows a concern for economic development in York County and statewide. A vote of yes on this ballot question expresses support for regional economic development and growth.

Students and Teachers

The revenues of this entertainment venue are enough to support a wide range of state resources. Education statewide is a primary concern in polling. According to the tax distribution described in the full text of Maine ballot question 1, schools on the K-12 level will receive more than 11 million dollars to be used to fund essential programs. Students pursuing higher education may qualify to receive a portion of more than three million dollars in college scholarships. This includes scholarship funding for the University of Maine and MMA Scholarship funds as well as the Maine Community College system. All of these investments in the future of Maine demonstrate a lasting commitment to economic improvement throughout the state.

Statewide Social Programs

In addition to creating jobs and supporting education, Maine ballot question 1 raises the prospect of far-reaching social benefits. Money from the revenues of this entertainment venue will be directed toward health and human services, veterans’ assistance, drug education, and agricultural fair support. Many other important social benefits ranging from the support of local tribes including the Penobscot and Passamaquoddy to initiatives to address and prevent the problem of gambling addiction are also connected to the passage of this ballot question. In addition to benefiting all of these populations and programs, a reduction of more than three million dollars in property taxes statewide will make a substantial difference in the economic prospects and quality of life of Maine homeowners.

Maine question 1 polling has suggested that residents are particularly interested in how this facility can generate local tax revenue and offer property tax relief. The broad range of social benefits implicated in this ballot question hasalreadybeen evidenced in Bangor and Oxford County, where similar facilities operate. The construction of a new venue in York County will contribute to this network of state attractions and help to stimulate harness and commercial track racing as well as the breeding of Maine Standardbreds. This new facility will be constructed to fit within its surroundings and to contribute to the state’s brand by helping to attract tourists to the state of Maine. This casino will also be distinctive from the other attractions in the state and provide a unique destination for residents and visitors.

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