What to Follow in Horse Racing

Horse racing is often hailed as the “Gentleman’s Sport” and can be incredibly exciting to follow. If you are just getting into the sport, however, you may not know which pieces of information are the most useful and in which circumstances. It is a good idea to do some research from home before showing up at the track and three areas you should focus your research on are the horses, the jockeys and the tracks. This is incredibly useful if you want to increase the excitement by placing a bet or two during your day at the races.


Racing is all about the horses. Champions are bred to produce more champions and bloodlines are rigorously tracked. The training regimen that these horses go through is sometimes published as key information for betters to factor into their equations. When you are researching the horses before a race, you will want to look at their record in terms of how they have performed with the same jockey on the same track in the past. You will also want to research current health and training information to see how well the horses are doing.


It takes considerable skill on the part of the jockeys in order to race horses. Not only do you have to know the rules of the sport and follow any regulations, but a jockey will also need to have a good partnership with the horse. This is one of many reasons why it is a good idea to research the jockeys as well as the horses when you want to bet on the races. You will want to look for a jockey who has been racing with a particular horse for a while and who has a history of winning.


The tracks will not only have an effect on the race, but on the bets that you place. For instance, Woodbine race track in Toronto, Ontario, will have a different race schedule and history than other tracks. Some places will allow you to place bets online in advance of the races and will even post pertinent information to popular online betting platforms to help you decide. Some tracks have a reputation for being more difficult for particular horses and races than others. When you visit the websites of each track, you can not only see which races they host and when is the best time to visit, you can also see which restaurants are on site. This can help you plan a day at the races or a weekend getaway.

Racing is a fun sport to watch and it is easy to get caught up in the excitement. This is especially true if you get into betting on the races because you will have some stake in who wins and loses. To get started with betting on horse races, it is a good idea to start by researching the horses, jockeys and tracks to maximize your winnings as well as your fun. You can even find restaurants and bars at the tracks to turn the trip into a full day of fun.

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