The Maine Casino Referendum is a Jackpot for the State

If you have ever played a slot machine or table game, you know how it feels to anticipate winning a jackpot. If you’re really lucky, you know how it feels to win. Voting may seem less thrilling, but Maine ballot question 1 is actually an opportunity for York County and the entire state to hit the jackpot. Read on to find out why the Maine casino referendum up for a vote this November is a winning spin or hand for the residents of York County and all Mainers.

Drive Up Tax Revenue

The economic growth achieved by a gaming and entertainment facility can transform the economic conditions of an entire region. The state is not new to hosting gambling establishments. These venues have contributed to the prosperity of Bangor and Oxford County, and there is no reason why these benefits should not be extended to York County with the construction of a new Maine Casino.

A new casino will bring in a lot of new business and increased money flow. At the same time, this attraction also stands to benefit surrounding businesses and make the region where the new venue is situated more profitable. According to preliminary calculations, the new entertainment venue itself could bring in nearly $250 million in tax revenues in just the first five years of operation and fund a variety of social services throughout the state.

Fund Essential Social Services

The Maine casino referendum adds up to support for important social programs including health and human services, drug education initiatives, and K-12 education. In other words, there are benefits in this bill for every part of the state population, including local tribes. Health and human services will be able to benefit disabled Mainers and senior citizens with an influx of more than one million dollars in tax revenues. At the same time, approximately one million dollars will be directed toward drug education initiatives with at least a hundred thousand dollars going to combat other gaming-related forms of addiction.

The statewide veterans’ assistance fund will stand to gain as much as two hundred thousand dollars to offer services to heroes who have bravely served the country in the military. The local municipality in York County will receive more than one million dollars in support, while the state general fund will receive close to two million in tax revenue funding. All of this funding is combined with a statewide reduction in property taxes estimated at three million dollars annually. The same economic boon that is good for York County can also benefit everyone in the state of Maine.

Extend Economic Benefits

The economic benefits that can come from approval of Maine ballot question 1 originate in the construction and operation of another Maine Casino. This casino is located in York County to prevent any overlap with existing venues located in Bangor and Oxford County. This new entertainment venue is expected to add thousands of jobs, including up to 2,767 construction jobs and 2,165 permanent jobs. The hotel attached to this facility should draw guests to spend money at the entertainment venue and other local businesses. It is also likely that thisprimarily indoor attraction will help to prolong the tourism season. These benefits can come from York Countyand stay in the state of Maine.

Between the tax revenues generated and the ways in which this increased revenue will be distributed, this ballot questions is a referendum on regional prosperity. That’s why this ballot question is supported by a coalition of businesses and individuals committed to economic growth and the prosperity of the state.A vote for the Maine casino referendum is a vote for keeping money in Maine.

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