Supporters of Question 1 Maine

With the polls coming up in November, there are a lot of hot issues being discussed in Maine right now. One of these issues is question 1, which, if passed, will allow York County to obtain a permit to build a new casino. The measure has many supporters, including Progress for Maine with their Maine yes on 1 campaign. Those running the campaign have gone to great lengths to compile the facts pertaining to the impact that this measure will have on the economy in Maine and all of the organizations that will benefit from the increased revenue generated by the casino. Here is some more information about the support generated for the ballot question.

Businesses Supporting

One of the top names for the support of Question 1 is Horseracing Job Fairness, registered as the sponsor of the signature drive that got the measure certified. There are many other businesses in support of the measure, such as Cushing Stable, Hunter Property Management, Oakwood Inn Town Motel and more. Many of these businesses realize that the additional of the casino and convention center can have a positive impact on their profits by bringing in more tourism. For example, the motels in the area can see a boom in business as people from out of the area come to see the new casino or come in for events held at the convention center. Restaurants, transportation services and other tourism attractions will also positively benefit as those visiting to gamble will need to eat, get transportation and will probably want to do more than just gamble while they are in the city. In short, all of the businesses in the county will benefit from this measure.

Arguments in Favor

Progress for Maine, the leader of the support campaign, has come up with some arguments in favor of the ballot question. The one that is getting the most attention is the increase in revenue that will be created from the casino alone. The projected millions of taxable profit that the casino will be generating is going to be split up amongst various different funds and businesses. For example, some of the profits will be going toward increased funding for education, and some will be going toward substance abuse programs and helping those with gambling addictions. There are other important and beneficial areas that the money will be going to, as well. All of this will be done without creating an increase to property taxes for the citizens. In fact, property taxes may even be lowered. The ballot measure, if passed, will also create more jobs, both long-term such as running the casino and short-term such as constructing it. This will also help the economy in the area as more people will be making money to support their families, decreasing the amount of poverty.

Another supporter of the campaign is Lisa Scott, sister of Shawn Scott, the owner of a large majority of the racing industry in Maine. She has stated that the approval will preserve tens of millions of dollars in revenues, and that those dollars are currently going from Maine to other New England gaming locations. The new casino will ensure that profit is not only brought into the state, but also kept there instead of going elsewhere. She mentions the expansion of gaming developments in Massachusetts, pointing out that it is important to keep up in order to keep the money local.

Voting day is quickly coming upon us. Before you go to the polls, look at websites such as Progress for Maine and others that are focusing on this ballot issue and others so that you can make an informed decision at the polling booth and help positively impact the community.

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