Matched Betting Is No Risk Strategy and Perfect for Beginners

Match betting strategy is to exploit all kinds of outcomes and make guaranteed profit. It does not matter, if you win or lose the best but can still earn profit in any condition. On the other hand, in lay betting you bet on outcome that will not occur. For example, bet on football team that will not win the next 2 games or a specific horse will not win the race.

Matched betting is not regarded as gambling because it does not matter –

  • How clever you are?
  • How much time you invest?
  • Who you are?
  • If you are a new bettor

Matched betting means ‘NO’ risks. Anybody can earn significant money. There is no need for betting experience, so is ideal for total novices. You can take advantage of welcome bonuses/free signup available from majority of online bookmakers for getting registered.

Match and lay betting is good for retirees, students, unemployed, part/full time employees, or anyone interested in reaping extra income. However, it is not a method to get rich but allows to make enough extra income. The amount you earn depends on time spent and starting deposit. In the start, you can earn roughly $500 per month and slowly reach $2000 monthly without any risks.

Spending one hour daily can also yield good profit. Results can be seen right away. In just 24 hours of first bet, you will experience money rolling. It is also tax free and this well-calculated technique helps to make guaranteed profits.

How matched betting works?

You need to place two kinds of bet –

  1. Back bet
  2. Lay bet

One bet gets placed at bookmaker, while other at betting exchange, so open accounts with both.

For example, a football match between France and Belgium

  • With Bookmaker, you place back bet that France will win this match. You are backing France to win, so back bet.
  • With Betting exchange, you place lay bet France will not win this match. You are betting against France, so a lay bet. Moreover, the lay bet even covers a ‘DRAW’ situation because it is counted as France not winning.

In this example, you saw that back bet and lay bet cancel one another, therefore the result does not count because no money will be lost.

  • If France wins, earnings get deposited in your Bookmaker account
  • If France does not win or a draw occurs then cash goes in your Betting Exchange account

In any way, you earn a profit!

Risks with matched betting

Human error is the only actual risk factor. If you don’t pay attention or are not careful then things can end badly. So, it is crucial to ‘DOUBLE CHECK’ things you do and follow steps accurately. New bettors are recommended to use Matched Betting Service for smooth navigation through the process. In addition, research is crucial because with good knowledge, you can move confidently.

What is the catch?

Matched betting allows to benefit from free bet, which comes with many betting platforms. You just need to place the free bet amount either against or for a certain event. As the two bets cancel one another there is no potential to lose money. The catch here is that you are betting for free rather than putting your personal money at stake. You can apply this tactic and extract free offers from different bookmakers.

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